“I have always been interested in colonics- I believe in the power and healing ability of the gut system so for me seeking a hydrotherapist was definitely a priority for my health.  I seeked out 360 health as Zoe has a closed system – something that was important to me.  I also immediately felt comfortable with Zoe. To seal the deal the price was very affordable.  I was excited on the day.  I was already a convert but my experience was hands down unbelievable and I can honestly say one of the best things I have done for my health. It’s not embarrassing at all as Zoe makes you completely at ease and comfortable.  The health benefits and later the feelings of elation far outweighed any thought of embarrassment.  Later that day I felt tired but the next day I had a whole new found energy.  My body felt great and I slept very well as my body wasn’t trying to process food stuck in my colon.  I felt light and vibrant.  I cannot express my elation enough.  Matt Monarch – founder of The Raw Food World feels that colonics are a central part to health and spirituality and now I understand why.  Via colonics your body has time to “function” on a new found level instead of just “functioning” processing food.  This is what I experienced with Zoe and 360 health.  It is with much gratitude that I thank Zoe for her time and expertise.  There is no time to waste – colonics are so important.”