“I had delayed having a colonoscopy because I struggled with the severity of the preparation but then I was offered the choice of a colonic irrigation with Zoe Wicks at 360 Health as an alternative. I had considered trying colonic irrigation previously to see if it would help with my Irritable Bowel Syndrome symptoms and was pleased to be able to try it for both reasons.

I was a bit anxious and concerned that it may be embarrassing or painful but it was better than expected! Zoe was very professional in her approach and explained what was happening. The massage was very pleasant and she made the whole process as relaxing as possible.

I can honestly say I feel better since the irrigation and my IBS has settled so it was a double bonus for me. I will have colonic irrigation with Zoe again for the feeling of well-being and would recommend it as a gentler alternative to the more traditional method of bowel preparation for colonoscopy”