I am 39 years old. My main complaint was the severe exhaustion and lack of energy and it was tortuous making it through work everyday. I felt that my brain was permanently wrapped in cotton wool.  I had been on natural supplements and gluten/dairy/sugar free lifestyle for 6 months and I hadn’t seen any major changes.  I read the 360 health pamphlet while waiting for healthy hub to open, so decided to give it a go. I was very apprehensive about the visit but Zoe was very reassuring and kind. I went through the process and spent nearly 15 minutes afterward expelling everything. I felt nauseous and sick when I got home and had tea and went straight to bed.  For the first time in 4 years I woke up before my alarm and felt extremely young and vibrant. The hazy cotton wool feeling in my head was completely gone and this was the first day that I can recall in many years that I did not yawn once during the day.  I highly recommend this treatment! I have taken my mother for her treatments as well and she also highly recommends this.