Aaron Press, 42 Male

“I had been wanting to try this ‘ colonic irrigation’  out for years but never went out of my  way to do anything about it. I am willing to try new ideas when it comes to improvement in my health or just daily life. My girlfriend seen Zoe’s flyer advertising this service and knowing i was always talking about it wanted me to put up or shut up. So to her shock i went out and started my first of four. I didn’t know what to expect as all i knew was ‘they
stuck a hose up your bum and turned the tap on’. I found it an unusual experience the first time but noticed the benefits not long after my first . I slept better at night for longer and felt like i had more energy throughout the whole day. I like to go running 3 or 4 times a week and this is what amazed me the most, my times on average over 5kms had come down by 30seconds.  I found Zoe to very calming and pleasant during the whole procedure and knowledgeable about anything i asked of her. I would recommend this to anyone who maybe looking to try or is a bit reluctant to try.”