“I have always had a passion for natural therapies and holistic healing and enjoy the benefits they have to offer. My closest friend had a colonic cleanse in Byron Bay and suggested I try it to see if it helped the eczema on my hands. After being comfortable with her feedback I booked in to your clinic. My hands which I use for literally everything were cracked, sore and a constant pain literally, I was happy to try anything at which point I felt like I already had. This was my last resort before booking to see  a skin specialist and using ointments I didn’t feel comfortable with- but with a new born baby and washing my tissue paper thin hands more than ever I wasn’t sure what else to do.  Katie on my first Appointment was absolutely fantastic, she made me feel so welcome. I was so impressed with her professionalism, clarity and she made me feel I was in a safe environment.  I knew my body was sensitive to a lot of things so I wasn’t surprised that immediately after my first cleanse I had an unforgettable headache and spent some days feeling only what I could describe as a horrible hangover. I was certain this would get better and believed the toxins I had stirred were coming out to the surface. After my initial cleanse my hands started to crack, bleed and literally be the worst they had ever been. I was beside myself in pain and there was a point after six to seven years of having eczema on my hands that I broke down in tears- the pain of even moving my fingers was unbearable.  By day 4 my headache was gone, my skin was still cracking but I found something of interest. My four month old baby whom I had battled to get to sleep both day and night out of the blue starting sleeping at seven when I put her down, there was no fuss and no battle. I also noted that Instead of only ever taking one breast to feed she started taking both hence sleeping a little longer between feeds. I was up every two hours prior to my cleanse and now it’s stretched to three. Now that I think is directly related and quite the achievement.  After my second cleanse I told Katie these things and she suggested I take some notes to monitor the changes. About three days after my second treatment, I noticed my hands were starting to look a little better, a few less cracks, a little less pain, my eyes weren’t watering after washing my hands and I wasn’t gritting my teeth to do simple tasks. Day after day my hands are looking better…!!! Now this was super exciting!! I felt lighter, clearer and more able to cope with sleep deprivation- believe me after the amount of sleep I’ve had in the last five months that’s been an amazing feeling.  I have my third cleanse next week and I am so hopeful there are more benefits to see! My husband is so happy for me with my skin irritation, it was effecting my life in so many ways.  I have become your biggest advocate and highly recommend 360 Health. I am so excited and have attached some pics of my hands before and after for you.  Thankyou,”